The Artist

Bridget Syms lives and works in West Cornwall.  She received her training in fine art whilst working as an assistant in the studio of the the late Rod Hamer RP.

After running her workshop specialising in the restoration of early European and Oriental ceramics, in 2014 she became a full time artist. Her work reflects the values and traditions of her earlier training, and is influenced by the artists of the Northern Renaissance and the countless anonymous artists and craftsmen of the Medieval period.

She is inspired by her deep love of animals. From the motorway crows to the owls that fleetingly hover on our peripheral vision, along with the animals that we have the privilege to share our space with, they are all a rich oasis of pure joy and inspiration for her work.

Bridget Syms exhibited in Cornwall Open Studios 2019.

The Materials and Technique

Working as a restorer with a professional knowlege of the longevity of materials, all materials employed are of the highest standard. All work is supported on Italian linen, using oils and gold leaf. Frames are quality bespoke, traditional deep profile Hogarth mouldings with gold slip. Images can be sent on request.

Bridget is a member of Penzance Studios.